Friday, April 04, 2008

Rare, Vintage Antiques from 1987

Okay--what seriously annoys me?
When people on eBay list something as vintage and then say it was made in 1987.
Not only was I ALIVE in 1987--but I was 5 years old.
I guess that makes me vintage? I don't think so pal! I can barely stand the fact that all the kids at the drive-thrus now call me "maam", (I recently asked one of them if I looked old enough to be a "maam"--I think he swallowed his retainer).
But now things from my childhood are being referred to as vintage???? Give me a break!
I'm not old okay people.....
now my husband...that's another story ;)


Mom said...

I bet you wish you still had that dress!

Just think, you could be carrying a little girl as cute as this one - tears (of course)

Anonymous said...

i hope your daughter gets blonde pigtails just like this! (*brown hair, like john, would be cute too, of course.) :)