Friday, October 10, 2008

Can we all just agree on a few things here?

On a recent trip to Target I almost fell over on my two-year-old (who was swinging around a princess skirt at the time) when I saw not only acid-washed jeans, but also...stirrups.
All my 80's ladies will know what I'm talking about here....pants with stirrups at the bottom so they stay tucked in your boots?
Now, I'm one who is fine with keeping up with the fashion trends (I've even been known to entertain a side ponytail at times) but not only can I not wear skinny jeans (hello...birthing hips?) but's just going a bit too far.
So I thought I'd initiate a blog-wide plea to stop the insanity...and while I'm at it, can we get on the same page about a few other things too?
1. No stirrups....ever. Some mistakes are best left to high schoolers.
2. When I have food in my teeth...tell me. Let's not be afraid you'll hurt my feelings and not say anything (this also goes for things like, "slip is showing", or even "should have worn the slip", or "did your left breast just leak?"...can all the men kindly avert their eyes from that last one?)
3. Your ring tone is probably not that important...or that cool, but we all still spend way too long picking them out.
4. Mommy gray areas are off limits...that means don't judge your fellow mommy the next time her kid is wearing pjs out in was me.
5. Discussions that involve specific numbers of poundage that you may or may not weigh are also off-limits. Trust're skinnier...I'm now okay with that.
6. My kid may or may not eat the me..I'm trying.
7. Sometimes it is okay to defrost dinner.

I feel a lot better since we've talked about this. Now if you'll excuse me, my two-year-old is in his pajamas upstairs crying because he doesn't want to eat his defrosted veggies and I'm trying to get the spinach out of my teeth.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Welcome to America...Home of the lame.

I am SO sick of this presidential crap I want to puke.
Hear me out..I have postponed blogging about this for fear of making this or that person upset, not wanting to ruffle feathers, not sure what was the right answer, just not knowing what to do.
I can't handle it wanymore and I'm just ready to jump off the nearest tall building or duct tape my head so I don't explode.
Let's put aside the economy.
Let's put aside the foreign policy.
Let's put aside the health care system.
Let's put aside taxes.
Because when it comes down to it many of the differences and promises in this area are negligible.
I have a really hard time stomaching this ongoing support of abortion and infanticide with no one stepping up.
I cannot tolerate or even get my freaking head around the idea that anyone would be okay with putting infants who had been through a failed abortion attempt in a room by themselves with soiled linens for up to 8 hours until they died because the parents didn't want to hold them.
I cannot imagine that we live in a world where a baby can be issued a death certificate when it's parents tried to have it aborted and it died, but we somehow justify it as not being a life?
Am I hearing this right?
Is this really happening.
We live in a country where a mother (if you can really call her that, which I would argue you CANNOT) can CHOOSE to have her baby aborted because it has down syndrome and then when the abortion fails a child is left in a cold dark room alone to die.
If that doesn't make you sick--come over and I'll smack you in the head.
I'm sorry I'm so passionate about this, I just don't have the stomach for it anymore.
And I refuse to support politicians who pass legislation (MORE THAN ONCE) to allow this.
Truly. Let's major in the majors here.
These are lives. These are babies.
These are human beings.
They are dying.
Remember Darfur? Remember the same politician who cited our troops for "air-raiding villages and killing civilians?" He's okay with a child being left alone to die because no one wants it?
Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-choice.
I believe every woman most definitely has a choice not to pull her pants off and get pregnant and then also has the choice to put a child she cannot care for up for adoption. And if she can't make that choice? Guess what? Life has consequences. And you learn them really fast.
When did we lose all personal responsibility.
The predator lenders sold me a loan I can't afford so the government owes me.
McDonalds made me fat.
I don't want to go to Sam's Club to buy economy sized jars of mayo and I'm pregnant with twins so I'm going to abort one baby and deliver the other.
Really? Let's grow up. Let's start accepting some responsibility for some things. And let's stop buying in to the lie that we can't change this.
Because we can.
Yes....we can.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stocks Schmocks!

If you're anything like me, you're a little bit overwhelmed and (honestly) annoyed by all this stock market talk lately. Not to diminish the seriousness of what is happening in our economy and world (can anyone say "Hello Socialism?") but it does get a little doom and gloom for me.
My response?
Baby animals!
When John calls me daily now with the raincloud report (you know "The stock market is down 450 points?" "We're all gonna starve to death" "The world ends on Monday"--get the gist?) He now also has to deliver one bit of positive news....(this is my new rule).
I fell so in love with the story he shared with me today that I had to pass it on.
Noodle the tumbling kitten has found a home.
Go to this link, watch the video and I guarantee you won't think about the stock market for at least 3 minutes.
And tomorrow, after you've forgotten about Noodle and the stock Market is going down as fast as the roller coasters at Kings Island, check back for another bit of cheeriness....dogs in halloween costumes anyone?