Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's a great big world out there

Lincoln has officially discovered the wonderful world of mobility, though he still is having a hard time figuring out the difference between going forward and going backward.
It's an amazing thing to watch a little one explore the world they live in, as the bounds of the confined circle they were once limited to come crashing down around them-unveiling more than they knew existed. The best part is that the new realm doesn't reveal a stark, bland, boring existence--but rather a bright, bouncy, beautiful possibility.
Curiosity frequently gets the better of him (and unfortunately falls on his head sometimes) but nonetheless there is much to enjoy and discover. It begs the question at what age did I stop discovering the wonderful joys this world has to offer and why?
At what point did I become so bored with the everyday that I failed to see life and God's creation like Lincoln opportunity after another.
And when, especially, did I stop taking the time to be thankful for the playground I live in, knowing that God established it for our enjoyment. Am I so arrogant that I actually think I've discovered all this world could show me and I'm no longer interested in it? Watching Lincoln carefully turn a spoon in his hand to attempt to learn all about it, or drinking water from mommy's cup like it tastes better, or better yet pulling himself up to standing and acting like he wants to let out a Tarzan yell or beat his chest like a gorilla in triumph. It's all so new and wonderful. To think he's never discovered the phone table...or the kitchen cabinets or (thank God) the toilet.
Having a child will give you new eyes.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One of "those" days

Ever feel like you can't remember why you do what you do? Today was one of those days...
I know I know...I'm ashamed to admit it. But several times today I questioned my skill as a mother. Surely I was convinced that I would be better suited for any job than this (aside from the obvious-snake wrangling, and sky diving).
Of course all my woes were intensified when my husband successfully put Lincoln down to sleep for the night with little coaxing or crying (although I'm sure an entire day of screaming at me broke his spirited will just slightly).
What is it about parenting that makes it so challenging?
Maybe it's the fact that I'm walking up the stairs in my pajamas at 8:00 this morning trying to juggle a baby, a cup of coffee and a handful of puke without dropping any of the three on the carpet all the while wishing I had one of those jobs where I get to wear expensive shoes and have an "inbox".
Or maybe it's the fact thatthe second I got a minute of free time I needed to decide which was important enough to do, brush my teeth, wash my face, or make the bed (will you believe I made the bed?)
Whatever the was a challenge.
I must admit though, that I'm grateful for it.
I can look back at the times that I've been through challenges in the past and realize the way God used the circumstance to make me into a better woman. Hopefully I'll get to the point someday where I don't need quite as many challenges because I don't have quite as far to go...but I don't see that happening any time in the near future.
So you may be wonndering what it is I learned through my crazy child screaming his brains out, no minute of free time, dishes in the sink, is it 5:00 yet day?
(I feel a top ten list coming on)
10. Get up earlier than Lincoln....every single day
9. Pray more
8. Curse less
7. Let go of the small stuff (like combing my hair)
6. Take myself less seriously (especially when I've just been spit up on)
5. Remember it could be worse...twins?
4. Remember it could be worse...a high schooler?
3. Thank God for all the other days...that aren't like this.
2. Know that God gives me grace to handle whatever is dealt to me.
1. Keep in mind....he has to sleep sometime!
Someone remind me of this when he's making this face...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Heaven on a bun

Ode to Cheeburger...
One of the greatest restaurants I've been to for several reasons:
You can pretty much get any flavor you can dream of made into a milkshake.
One word...frings...part fries, part onion rings....who is the genius who thought of this?
Hamburgers so yummy, greasy, good that you think about them as soon as your plane lands in Florida.

Which brings me to my next point....
I'm still carrying baby weight but no baby-are you suprised?