Monday, August 27, 2007

Thank Heaven for Mario Lopez!

So I was watching Miss Teen USA the other night and was dismayed and (naively) suprised at the ridiculous girls that represent this parade of underweight adolescents.
The thing I was most amazed about is when they would interview the girls and ask them things like what are your hobbies...
I'm NOT kidding when I say that one of them seriously listed "texting my friends" as a hobby.
I think she sat in front of me at the movies a few weeks ago...come on..
texting your friends? Ugh.
Another said "listening to Reggae music".
This not a hobby.
What about things like saving the dolphins, or recycling?
Okay, so my hobby list wouldn't be quite so well-rounded either, but I can guarantee it wouldn't include texting my friends.
Obviously I prefer email.
Kidding. But Mario Lopez was the host (which should have been my first cluse that it was going to be a waste of an hour. After watching these little pixies prance across the stage wearing high heels and hairspray I learned two things:
1. Our kids are in desperate need of reality
2. I should kill my television.
Thankfully, Miss Colorado won. Phew.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dance your cares away (clap, clap)

Who remembers the Fraggles? I was so in love with this show.
For those of you who would like to reminisce with me here is Wikipedia's rundown of the main fraggles:
Gobo is the "leader", level-headed and practical, and prefers to be in control of most situations. He plays the guitar (made from a gourd) and considers himself chiefly an explorer.
Mokey is highly spiritual and artistic (she recites poetry), and is usually quiet and contemplative. She is the optimist of the group, trying to see the best in everyone and everything, and comforting her friends when no such "bright side" can be found.
Red, in direct contrast to her best friend Mokey, is exuberant and athletic; she is one of the best swimmers among the Fraggles. She was described by Mo Rocca on VH1's I Love the 80s: Strikes Back as the "Buck the establishment Fraggle." She is also highly cynical of her friends' plans and ideas and often teases Gobo about his Uncle Travelling Matt (occasionally yawning while he reads the postcards). Red, like Gobo, also wants to be in control, and there is often friction between them over who should be the one in charge.
Wembley, Gobo's best friend, is nervous and pathologically indecisive (this is mostly because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings; saying 'yes' to someone means saying 'no' to someone else). In fact, "to wemble" is a Fraggle verb to describe indecisiveness. In later episodes of the series, Wembley works with the fire department, as their siren. The Fraggle Rock fire department, however, does not put out fires -- it starts them.
Boober's cardinal trait is depression and worry, and his favourite activity is washing socks – Fraggles, however, do not seem to use footwear most of the time. Boober is almost always negative, and displays hypochondriac tendencies.
Now the 3 questions are:
1. Which fraggle is your favorite? I always liked Wembley, which by the way is a great name.
2. Which fraggle are you most similar to? I must admit, Red is probably the most accurate. Mokey always got on my nerves.
3. Which fraggle are you most compatible with? I think I actually married a Dozer--not a fraggle, which suits me well.
Feel free to indulge your fraggle fix by watching this brief, but entertaining clip:

Go ahead, it's Friday. We could all use a little Fraggle on Friday!
(And for the record, I hereby reserve the name "Sprocket" for any dog we may possibly get in the future)

Friday, August 17, 2007

"Oh look, he's so happy"...CHOMP!

Does anyone else out there feel just a little guilty eating these things?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If you wanna hang out, you gotta taker her out....

Cocaine? No, the fast food equivalent "Raisin Cane's"
It's no irony that the word "cane" appears in the name of the restaurant, because any of you that have had this would's Awwwwwwwwwwwe-sum!
Yeah, when it comes to this place I'm basically like Lindsay Lohan- you can see pics of me in the tabloids hunched down in the passenger seat of our car with my hair all dishevled and my hood pulled up, eyes half closed with a little cane's sauce on my cheek.
And here is my downfall.
All you skinny people out there (and I know there are many of you who frequent places like Cane's and Sonic and can still look like Heidi Klum--yes Melissa, this means you ;) you'll never understand. But for the rest of us, who are more like Tyra than on! In moderation of course, and only after a 20 minute jog (I'm KIDDING!)
It's so challenging for me friends. I'm such an emotional eater, and I must say my constant strain to lose the last 9 pounds of weight (okay, I'm's more like 11) I have on from toting a human being around in my body (how does this happen?) so that we can even think about having another child is really (pardon the pun) weighing on me.
I need a Jared moment right? You know that guy from Subway. Or maybe I just need to get over it.
I wish I could be like Tyra who said "you can kiss my fat black @$$" whoa, watch it Tyra. (Come on, I'd never say that!)
But I go back and forth between that and wanting to have my Mary Kate come out and--well you can imagine.
Either way (I'm a little sad to admit) guess what I'm eating for lunch today.
She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Da Dum Da Da Dum Da Da Dum Da Dum

That's the Rocky theme song, for those of you who don't know...
I must admit. I was nothing short of reluctant (okay, I was down right protesting) when John wanted to see the newest Rocky movie. "Give me a break" I thought, "Slyvester Stallone...acting....again....please!"
Granted, I had never seen any of the other Rocky movies, and my knowledge of Rocky was limited to "Yo! Adrian!" and some american flag boxing shorts. But I must say, it was a good thing I was watching the movie alone in my living room because by the last round of the fight I was yelling at the t.v. and cheering Rocko on with everyone else....I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I am now a HUGE Rocky fan. I've become a do you say...obsessed? with the whole series.
And, much to John's enjoyment, have wanted to rent all the old Rocky movies and sit through them (If only I'd get into Rambo now right John?) Anyways, there's just something...(I'm out of elaborate words here) cool...about Rocky kicking everyone's butt, not to mention the unbelievable characters that are in the movies. I mean, come on...Mick? He's amazing. Who can say the things he says and get away with it? No one!
So in honor of my new Stallone fetish, I will recall the top ten Rocky moments for you...please, feel free to patron your local video rental establishment to relive the magic (keep in mind I'm only on The 4th there is much more to come.

10. Apollo Creed- in general. Especially when he comes out like Washington crossing the Delaware in those weird patriotic boxers.

9. Rocky with his pet turtles (link and cuff). How perfect.
8. The scene where Paulie is yelling at Adrian through the bedroom door to go out with Rocky (and Rocky is sitting in the living room).
7. Little Marie saying "screw you creepo" to Rocky when he walks her home...what a line right?
6. Mick saying "you gotta eat lightnin' and crap thunder" Not sure what that means, but like I said...only Mick.

5. In Rocky 3 when all the kids start chasing after Rocky and running miles and miles from home to follow him. Where were these kids parents?
4. Of course, Apollo Creed going on and on about the "eye of the tiger" business, which by the way is an exceptional song.
3. Clubber Lang--the scariest opponent yet. I pity the fool! Note: this has also sparked the nicknames around our home for Mikey (the fat cat) whom we call "Blubber Lang" and John, whom I affectionately refer to as "Hubber Lang".

2. Certainly, Rocky running up the stairs and dancing around and punching at the air when he gets to the top---that's classic.

1. Rocky yelling "Adrian-we did it!" at the end of Rocky 2 (don't tell John I told you, but I wasn't the only one tearing up ;)
Needless to say, I love these flicks. They also inspire me when I'm doing my combat kickboxing class at the gym (yes I totally pretend like I'm fighting Clubber Lang). If you haven't seen
stop reading.