Friday, November 24, 2006

It's time for some jolly by golly.

I don't know about all of you out there in blogville--but the second my head hits the pillow on November 23rd (actually about a week before that if I'm being totally honest) I'll begin thinking about the jolliest of jollies, beause without fail--the day after Thanksgiving-- up go the lights, the ornaments and all the Christmas spelndor.
I love Christmas. I know it's cliche and traditional--so what, I'm not unique--but I get so excited just thinking about all the Christmastravaganza (it's now a word) that takes place every year. I love the crowded malls (or at least the idea of them) I love the holiday traveling, the tangled Christmas lights and the obligatory Christmas cards (we're sending out 101 this year---I know I'm insane).
Everyone goes on and on about the commercialism--the mandatory presents--the way we've ruined the season.
Maybe so, as American consumers we tend to do that--but think about a whole season centered on giving (even if it is unecessary stuff) because we've been given a little baby king to save the world. It's a holiday that not only is about a baby--one of my new favorite things...but about a baby that saved the world.....WOW.
Bring on the jolly!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm thankful for you!

Is anyone else so ready for the day long indulgence that is Thanksgiving? Truly an American holiday--the entire day is centered around eating. Which I don't really have a problem with.
As for the Schmittys--we'll be waking up (probably around 7:00 thanks to our little turkey) and eating pumpkin pancakes, moving on to watch the parade in front of the tele for 3 hours and then capping that off with a fat old meal consisting of more than one kind of pie.
It's a good thing turkeys are pretty ugly, because if I thought about it for too long I might actually feel a little guilty for an holiday that revolves around the idea of eating is a bit carnivorous.
Finally, as far as the guilt of eating an animal--I must admit that the mayor from the movie Chicken Little does make me feel a little sad. But come on, give anything a hat and the voice of Don Knotts and who wouldn't love it.
Turkey dreams to all!
(Note: Thanks go out to the little kid that made this hand turkey that I found on the internet--he apparently is thankful for computers)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Panda Sneezes

This one goes out to my homies.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Restless Evil full of Deadly Poison

God has really been laying on my heart recently the dire need I have to work on controlling my mouth. My friend Nicole would say I "need a filter" (meaning between my brain and my mouth). I was reading my Bible this morning--specifically these verses:
"If any think they are religious and do not bridle their tongues but decieve their hearts, their religion is worthless."
James 1:26
"No one can tame the tongue--a restless evil, full of deadly poison."
James 2:8
Scary huh? I was so convicted my thinking of all the times I've gosspied, complained (even on this blog) grumbled, griped and nagged and just been plain rude and unkind and I chalk it up to "just being honest". I am so immature. It's amazing how many of my problems could be less complicated or avoided altogether if I would just learn to control myself a little more. I had a dream about rattlesnakes last of my great fears. The thought makes me squirm--so when I read this verse this morning and realized what I am capable (and sometimes all too comfortable) with--I was quickly ashamed. I need to ask for forgiveness from all of you in this area. I know I have, on more than one occasion, given myself over to lax or even malicious words, and I hate this part of myself. Thank Jesus Christ for grace that is afforded to me and the liberty that comes from knowing that my salvation and eternity are secure (and it's not because of me). The verse that struck me the hardest I think is Luke 6:45:
"It is out of the adundance of the heart that the mouth speaks."
Wow!! So the thing that I need to be working on the most is the condition of my heart and the state that I allow it to be in. Mainly I think through what I feed into my mind. Complaints, gossip, profanity etc. This all manifests in my heart until
There I go again spitting out awful things.
Lord, Please give me grace in this area and help me learn to control the words that I speak. I know I can bring great joy to your heart through my words, or destruction to my life and the lives of those I care about from it. I trust you to give me the strength to overcome it. And give me grace in the times I am struggling or fall short to remember your forgiveness toward me. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Not for the faint of heart

Okay, So I'm doing something I said I'd never do as a mother...talking about poo.
If this bothers you or you're one of those "Ugh, how disgusting" types....dont' read on.
I have yet to figure out how a small baby under the age of one can single-handedly manage to defy the laws of physics, but Lincoln has achieved it.
This morning when I was eating breakfast (thank you son) Linc had his normal "flow" of events. I pick him up and carry him up the stairs to change him only to realize that my bath robe is covered in poo, as is his leg, his tummy, all his clothes and his foot. I brace myself, since this is not the first time this has happened and I begin to attempt to strategically remove layers so as not to spread the poo--to no avail--I frantically grab wipe after wipe...finally determining it's just as easy to plop him in the bathroom sink and "hose him down".I cautiously open the diaper expecting to be astonished....practically nothing inside. A microscopic bit was actaully contained in the diaper (Thank you pampers).
This happens time and time again in'll think all your wonderful little scientific improvements suck as "leak guard" and "dry weave" will contain the chaos...only to be reminded (usually with a strange warm feeling on your shirt) that it's a messy job. I have a friend who's child actually managed to poop in a way that it began leaking out the bottom of the car seat....yeah.
Brace yourselves ladies and gents. If you have yet to experience a's coming...and it will happen.
We all have (or potentially will have) terrible horror stories...that are usually strategically timed when we're trying to rush out the door. Whether it's pee, poo, spit up, or (when the teething monster strikes) drool, drool, drool--and you'll think to yourself one day...when you're sitting around in your dirty clothes, holding your little slime bug's slobber covered hand..."I never thought this would seem normal to me." But it will....and that's the scary part.
The best part is, it doesn't seem that bad. God gives us grace to accomplish the daunting tasks of parenting one day at a time, which is a good thing, because by the time they're potty training and they poop on the floor...maybe that won't seem so bad either.
Maybe I've spoken too much--some may say that all I write about is mommying....yeah yeah yeah. It's what I do. 24 hours a day. And I love it and I'm proud of it. Poo covered and all.