Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What DID you do today?

I recently heard the idea of creating a "Did Do" list rather than a "To-Do" List.
I was so excited at the prospect of revisiting all my accomplishments in the last 24 hours that I ran to my keyboard.
Enjoy! (And then make your own)
1. Ate breakfast and cleaned all the dishes up after
2. Swept the front porch and fed the birds while making sure that a toddler with a cape didn't "fly" into the street.
3. Made 3 grilled cheese sandwiches for hungry tummies (of which 20% were actually eaten)
4. Did more dishes
5. Nursed for 4 hours (not consecutively--though it felt like it)
6. Read 7 kid books
7. Helped aforementioned toddler "fly" 5 times
8. Folded the same blanket 8 times
9. Set up a crib
10.Moved boxes from one room to another until they eventually got to the hallway in front of the garage (on tomorrow's to-do list? put them in the garage)
11. Thought about returning towels to Wal-mart and giving friends back borrowed items
12. Walked to the park
13. And back
14. While carrying an infant
15. and pushing a stroller
16. Recreated the movie Mary Poppins in our kitchen with a stuffed Batman doll
17. Got a 2-year-old to say "please" , "thank you" and "May I"
18. Remembered to do the same myself (though not as consistently)
19. Thought about going for a jog
20. Washed my face and got dressed
21. Almost made the bed!
22. Put in pacifier 50+ times
23. Changed 7 dirty diapers
24. Checked the mail-TWICE!
25. Brushed my teeth (thought about flossing)
And Finally,
26. Prayed (while driving)
Oh, focusing on the positive. It's so rewarding!


John said...

You forgot to say "received grand praise from your husband/friend". Thanks for all you do for our family!!!

Silly Miss Lily said...

that's such a great idea, jenn. i'll be passing this on to my friends.

you are such an awesome woman!!

NicoleRanstrom said...

Here's my list of 10 things (That is enough to make me feel accomplished.) :-)

1) woke up at 6:30 to nurse baby, then actually stayed up and took a shower
2) shaved legs in shower (because no toddler was peeking in to see if mommy was done yet)
3) called a friend to make plans for the day
4) got kids ready to go for planned outing
5) got 2 year old to the car and in her seat belt with no fuss (used many bribes to do so)
6)made a cup of coffee for the car ride (yummy)
7) drove the speed limit and obeyed all the laws of the road while re-sticking a pacie into an infant's mouth repeatedly and listening to Little People music, while reminding other 2 kids to look out the window and see what you can see rather than yell at each other
8) arrived at destination safely. Unloaded 3 kids, herded them to the basement toy room, nursed infant, and held a somewhat intelligible conversation with friend
9) Helped friend set-up crib in upstairs bedroom while keeping half an ear to the basement toy room (Descended 2 flights of stairs numerous times to settle arguments)
10) Arrived home for nap time (which neither child took)

Gosh, with 10 things I only reached nap time. I did plenty more after that. :-)