Friday, October 10, 2008

Can we all just agree on a few things here?

On a recent trip to Target I almost fell over on my two-year-old (who was swinging around a princess skirt at the time) when I saw not only acid-washed jeans, but also...stirrups.
All my 80's ladies will know what I'm talking about here....pants with stirrups at the bottom so they stay tucked in your boots?
Now, I'm one who is fine with keeping up with the fashion trends (I've even been known to entertain a side ponytail at times) but not only can I not wear skinny jeans (hello...birthing hips?) but's just going a bit too far.
So I thought I'd initiate a blog-wide plea to stop the insanity...and while I'm at it, can we get on the same page about a few other things too?
1. No stirrups....ever. Some mistakes are best left to high schoolers.
2. When I have food in my teeth...tell me. Let's not be afraid you'll hurt my feelings and not say anything (this also goes for things like, "slip is showing", or even "should have worn the slip", or "did your left breast just leak?"...can all the men kindly avert their eyes from that last one?)
3. Your ring tone is probably not that important...or that cool, but we all still spend way too long picking them out.
4. Mommy gray areas are off limits...that means don't judge your fellow mommy the next time her kid is wearing pjs out in was me.
5. Discussions that involve specific numbers of poundage that you may or may not weigh are also off-limits. Trust're skinnier...I'm now okay with that.
6. My kid may or may not eat the me..I'm trying.
7. Sometimes it is okay to defrost dinner.

I feel a lot better since we've talked about this. Now if you'll excuse me, my two-year-old is in his pajamas upstairs crying because he doesn't want to eat his defrosted veggies and I'm trying to get the spinach out of my teeth.

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Anonymous said...

how right you are! here are a few things that could be added to the list...

* please don't "prep roll" your baggy pants...even if you see Katie Holmes doing it

* Cliff Huxtable sweaters are still not cool

* finally, along with keeping your weight loss number to yourself, please also spare people on how you experienced the joys of "natural childbirth" and well as the color of your kids crap!!

thanks for these funny reminders jenn. i'm passing on this post to my friends!! :)

love you. c