Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Story

We were, each one of us made for love. Thankfully, God provides that love. I hate the impersonal nature of a blog post to share something so huge, but I wanted to include the most simple, concise, basic way of stating the message of the Bible, and what I believe, because it is, a love story of epic proportions.

We have each at some point, broken God's rules. At least once (though if you're like me, daily). This breaking of rules (called sin) separates us from God. Like a giant chasm between us and God, our choosing to disobey stretches between us.

This chasm could never be bridged by one of us by doing enough good stuff. In fact, the wages (or what we get) for any sin (even one) is death. Death that finally separates us from him and gives us over to what we chose, separation from God.

BUT (and this is a game changer) God sent Jesus, to come to earth. To live a life totally perfect, never sinning once, and then to choose to die a death he didn't deserve. When he was dying, God took every sin ever committed in the past, present, or future, and placed the punishment for it on that perfect son, Jesus. Then took all the great stuff that comes from Jesus' life, and gave it to us. So when God sees us (those who believe) he doesn't see our sin (it's already been on the cross) he sees Jesus' perfection. It's called grace (getting what we didn't deserve). He became the bridge.

Then, Jesus didn't stay dead. He came back to life (seriously) showing that he had taken all the junk (sin) that was put on him, and beaten it once and for all.

That means that anyone who believes that he did that (died, taking on all of their sin, and coming back to life) will live forever with him in heaven, and is welcomed into his family. Called daughter or son, brought near. The chasm caused by our sin is forever bridged by Jesus. That's it. Believing. Any good stuff you do from there you don't do to get nearer to God (you already are, and could never get more near), you just do cause you love him, and you're thankful.

That's it. The story. It's what I believe and why I do everything I do. It's that simple, even though people try to make it so complicated. He loves us. More than we could ever know. And wrote the best love story we could dream.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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