Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything from Nothing

Just beginning a study of Genesis this year, and was reading through some notes about it. I have to admit, I was struggling to "get into it". I've been feeling pretty run down lately from so much that's going on in my life and some more bronchitis etc, so I'm just feeling a little underwhelmed.

I was walking through the motions because I realize that sometimes thats what we have to do and then I began to see seeds of faith sprout in my heart. There is a unique word used in Genesis 1 for what God created. This word can only be used when it applies to God because, while all the other terms mean that existing materials were used to create something, this word means something was created from nothing.

Did you get that or did you just breeze past it? When I read that God has unique power to create something from nothing, something inside me started wanting to jump up and down.

I asked God "why is that such a cool thing to me", and it was like God said "because there are lots of areas in your life right now where you just feel like you've got nothing." BOOM! Then the tears came. Cause I saw my nothing. Relationships, my mothering, my energy to even go to the grocery, life in general--I got n o t h i n g.

I was overflowing with excitement, relief, awestruck humility to know that I am loved by a God who is not limited by my limitations. He sees me and knows exactly what I bring to the table--not a damn thing. But does that stop Him? Does He look at me and say "hey girl, come back when you've got something to offer?", or "why don't you go muster up some scraps and bring them back here so I've got something to work with?" No! He's in the business of taking nothing and making everything, in fact--it's kind of His thing. He takes all my desert, all my empty, all my crumbles, all my nothing, and with it makes gardens, rainbows, fruit trees, and waterfalls.

So bring Him all your nothing. Add a little faith, watch what happens.


Alexis said...

Thanks for the awesome reminder. I'm going to miss going through Genesis with you guys, and hearing what the spirit says through you each week. Love ya!

RobinLS said...

So true! Thanks for sharing your heart. When I find myself in situations where I feel totally humiliated, those are often the times that God uses to mold, shape, and refine me out of my nothingness..I needed this today (and every day really). Xoxo

Glimpses said...

So now I'm crying. That was good. Really good. Thanks.

Kristine said...

Thanks for this post, Jenn. I really needed the reminder that God can take all of my weaknesses and create something good.

burun estetigi said...

I really missing this...Thanks for reminding me....Keep it up..
Burun Esteti─či