Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Does anyone have the time? Oh, it's five minutes till DOOM!

You can imagine my dismay when someone informed me this morning that the "doomsday clock" was moved last night to be five minutes away from midnight.
Not only was I unaware that there was such a thing, but I certainly had no idea of the impending doom it implied. Intrigued by the idea I did a little research and would like to dispell some myths, as well as provide a little comfort for the "sick-to-the-pit-of-your-stomach" feeling you may all be having.
To quote ABC news :"The symbolism of the move is significant because the organization, which includes more than a dozen Nobel laureates, has moved the clock only 18 times since it was set to seven minutes to midnight in 1947. The clock has been closer to midnight, two minutes away after the Eisenhower administration tested a nuclear bomb in 1953. But it is also a long way from its most optimistic setting, at 17 minutes to midnight in 1991 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Today's change was the first since 2002."
So this thing is only really a clock in the sense that it has hands, but those hands can be moved whenever these "esteemed" scientists deem it necessary to do so. We've been two minutes away and 17 minutes away, all within the last 50 years, so let's not put too much stock in the idea.
Also, can I just mention as an aside that I'm surprised these "scientists" actually have jobs. I mean, somewhere in the country men are getting paid to sit around and predict when the world will end....and what good is that information doing us? Aside from causing panic in the hearts of many as we anxiously look up to the sky for a Korean war plane carrying a Nuke labeled with a gift tag to the US.
The comfort I can find in this is in knowing that our God is sovereign, and only He knows what will come of the world. I am confident that someday the clouds will part and glory will reveal creation and God's children as what they were created to be. I am also confident in my place in the kingdom of God, not because I boast in myself or my righteousness (certainly anyone who knows me knows I have none on my own), but because the word of God says so and I can boast in Him.
Aren't we so often tricked into thinking that we have a lot of knowledge, and we know what's going on...when it's all proved naught as we frantically move the clock back to a quarter till going, "Oh, we were just kidding that time."
I find comfort in knowing my future is secure and that I can live with freedom in the fact that I am an adopted daughter to the God that has claimed victory. No more fear, no more anxiety, just peace knowing my eternity is secure.
It does beg the question as to how sure you are of your future, and if you aren't sure do you know that you can be?
But having said all that I think it's safe to say that no scientist in Chicago can legitimately say they are confident of the timing end of the world's arrival. And just for the record, can we maybe fire these scientist guys and get them to do something a little more productive, like maybe...I don't know, create a cure for AIDS, or stop world hunger?

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