Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No More Searching for the Perfect Gift!

Look no further!
Here they are folks, Anti-aging comfort booties. Tired of worrying about all those years your feet have been putting on? Well I have great news for you--for only $12.97 you can slip on these dream slippers and "your feet will actually feel the aging process reverse".
It's about time isn't it?
Act now and we'll also throw in this hands-free flashlight. Now you can do your sewing in the pitch dark (and look stylish doing it)

Tired of fumbling around in that dark bathroom trying to fix the plumbing? Don't turn on the light!--simply grab your hands-free flashlight and problem solved.
Act now! Offer ends soon!


susan said...

now I know exactly what I want for my birthday. anti aging comfort booties.

susan said...

I'm so glad these come in pink. This is my pink year: pink purse, pink sweaters, pink t shirts, pink robe. and now pink anti aging booties\Mom