Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Feeding the Giraffes!

This weekend John, Lincoln and I were blessed by John's parents with the opportunity to stay at the Broadmoor. WOW! It was amazing. We went for a bike ride, rode paddle boats, horseback riding, swimming, jogging, playing, exploring, eating at a super fancy restaurant...YUM. And lastly we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and got to do lots of fun things. Lincoln fed the giraffes, which was one of my favorite memories of all times. Those things are amazing! They're tongues are so long and slimy--yuck.
At first Lincoln was really creeped out but then he came around and was giving them crackers by himself.
Also, please note the random girl smiling in our picture. Come on, isn't it commom etiquette to at least pretend like you don't know you're in someone else's picture rather than smile for the camera like you're supposed to be there?

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Anonymous said...

i love how she smiled for the picture! think of the alternative, she could have been picking her nose or even flipping off the camera.

whenever i'd be working at disney and walking from show to show, i'd always smile, wink or make silly faces in people's pictures. i often wonder how many people notice my face in their vacation pics after they've arrived home.