Monday, August 27, 2007

Thank Heaven for Mario Lopez!

So I was watching Miss Teen USA the other night and was dismayed and (naively) suprised at the ridiculous girls that represent this parade of underweight adolescents.
The thing I was most amazed about is when they would interview the girls and ask them things like what are your hobbies...
I'm NOT kidding when I say that one of them seriously listed "texting my friends" as a hobby.
I think she sat in front of me at the movies a few weeks ago...come on..
texting your friends? Ugh.
Another said "listening to Reggae music".
This not a hobby.
What about things like saving the dolphins, or recycling?
Okay, so my hobby list wouldn't be quite so well-rounded either, but I can guarantee it wouldn't include texting my friends.
Obviously I prefer email.
Kidding. But Mario Lopez was the host (which should have been my first cluse that it was going to be a waste of an hour. After watching these little pixies prance across the stage wearing high heels and hairspray I learned two things:
1. Our kids are in desperate need of reality
2. I should kill my television.
Thankfully, Miss Colorado won. Phew.

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