Sunday, June 01, 2008

He's speakin' my language

And that language is...chocolate.
Yeah, you know that Tom Petty song, "The waiting is the hardest part", MAN does it hold true for so many things in getting our kids into our arms.
I was going to just say pregnancy in general, but I have a dear friend who is going through the adoption process who recently met her son, and is back here now, WAITING to go get him...agony I'm sure.
So let's keep it generic, waiting sucks (omitting I suppose things like Death Row and the like).
It's funny, when I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy I think "This is horrible, nothing...nothing can be worse then this" when week 38 comes and it seems like an eternity I realize how wrong I was. People like to say things to you at this point like:
-You look like you're going to pop
-You MUST be due soon
-Just try and enjoy this time, it'll be over soon
and my favorite
-Two weeks isn't that which my reply would be, "You're right it's not, but it seems a lot longer with a human being inside your body".
Anyways, recently I received a funny lesson from God through Dove chocolate (which is a great way to talk sense into a pregnant woman by the way). I was reaching into our candy dish for a piece of chocolate (you know those ones that have like a clever little message written on the inside-like "follow your dreams" and such?) And I thought to myself, "maybe this will give me some hidden fortune- like a glimpse into when the baby will be born." So I open it eagerly, sure at this point it's going to contain some profound insight into the arrival of my child, bearing some asian-sounding, yoda-esque saying such as "Cease your wait soon will." Here I am standing in the kitchen after having thought every day for the past week that I'm surely going into labor, staring blankly at a piece of foil that says:
"Don't think about it so much."
Yeah, God has a sense of humor--and I'm sure he got a big kick out of that one.
Anyways, it was at least good advice. Now I keep opening the fortune-telling chocolates hoping to get some more divine insight, but the only one I keep getting is "flirting is mandatory", which is absolutely not fitting advice for a pregnant woman (how do you think I got here in the first place?)

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