Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Things I never thought I'd say in life-Revised

10. No you may not have candy for breakfast
9. Stop feeding the neighbor dog a banana
8. My name is "mommy" not "Jenn"
7. You may not brush your friend's hair with a broom
6. You may not have cake for breakfast either
5. Really, you see Jesus flying outside the car window?
4. Eat your pizza first and you can have a pear
3. Once something is in the garbage, we don't pull it out to taste it.
2.We do not eat banana chips we found in the parking lot.
1. Stop yelling the word "boobies" in the doctor's office


Mom said...

At least you haven't told him you have eyes in the back of your head yet : )

NicoleRanstrom said...

More things I cant believe I have said:

1) Stop laying on your sister... you're going to squish her

2) we do not go potty in the bushes unless there is no toilet

3) Stop licking the bike tire

4) Stop yelling (said in a yelling voice)

And many, many other things I'm sure I have forgotten and more to be said in the future.