Friday, March 23, 2007


Everything's coming up roses...or lilacs at least (my roses haven't resurrected yet). I must say that with all the beautiful weather, and tiny green buds popping their little infant heads up everywhere, it's hard to not feel a sense of triumphant elation when you step outside.
There's just something about spring time, that tiny miracle that buds on my lilac bush (usually the first to bud annually in my garden) always amazes me. Things know when to come back to life. And along with that means excursions with the playmaster to the playground flavor of the week where he can explore and imagine.
It's a ball.

New Life

sprouting, budding
buzzing, springing
Overcome dead, brown, cold
overpower grave, dark, drab
parallels more profound than we sometimes see
push past despair and gloom
know just when to come
save my soul from winter's cold
Believe in tomorrow
A promise of hope and future
A sign of forgiveness
Newness, youth
POP forward in skittles of spring- bright yet again
revive the earth
green and bright
Bluebirds SHOUT!
Proclaiming His excellence once more
Blossom to fresh new sprig of awake
Tiny buds of grace

The mourning is gone
The morning is here

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