Saturday, May 12, 2007

Honestly people...

Is it just me or do rude people always seem to get hired to work in customer service jobs? I was walking with some friends yesterday and we were, admittedly, a caravan of strollers (a reality I have come to embrace in my outings) but the looks we were getting from people that worked in the shops we were walking by were unreal. You'd think I was the bearded lady or something. Top that off with the appalled stares we were catching from single women or teenage girls (maybe we could be hired to prevent teenage pregnancy?) and I was honestly ready to get the rage virus and start smacking people.
I know...why should it bother me? Well it just does. It makes me downright grumpy.
Seriously grumpy.
I was at breakfast this morning with a few other friends and we had a bit of a wait. I asked the hostess if I could get a cup of coffee like the other two customers waiting outside and she said "No, we're too busy". Not a "sorry" or "could you check back in a few minutes."
Just, "No."
Needless to say I wasn't very happy.
So in honor of you Snipey waitress, and all you other grumpy butt people out there that have a life mission to ruin my day and take things overly seriously here is my tribute to grumpiness:

He sure is cute...but Grumpy nonetheless.

The softer side of grumpy.

He's a little creepy...don't look at him too long.

He never really was that threatening.

Also, for the next time you're out and about and someone really hacks you off--
don't jump over tables and turn into the Hulk.
Go to this website and complain to all the other unsatisfied customers around--you'll be in good company.
Of course, I guess you could always get over it (but that's much less satisfying)

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