Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If you wanna hang out, you gotta taker her out....

Cocaine? No, the fast food equivalent "Raisin Cane's"
It's no irony that the word "cane" appears in the name of the restaurant, because any of you that have had this would's Awwwwwwwwwwwe-sum!
Yeah, when it comes to this place I'm basically like Lindsay Lohan- you can see pics of me in the tabloids hunched down in the passenger seat of our car with my hair all dishevled and my hood pulled up, eyes half closed with a little cane's sauce on my cheek.
And here is my downfall.
All you skinny people out there (and I know there are many of you who frequent places like Cane's and Sonic and can still look like Heidi Klum--yes Melissa, this means you ;) you'll never understand. But for the rest of us, who are more like Tyra than on! In moderation of course, and only after a 20 minute jog (I'm KIDDING!)
It's so challenging for me friends. I'm such an emotional eater, and I must say my constant strain to lose the last 9 pounds of weight (okay, I'm's more like 11) I have on from toting a human being around in my body (how does this happen?) so that we can even think about having another child is really (pardon the pun) weighing on me.
I need a Jared moment right? You know that guy from Subway. Or maybe I just need to get over it.
I wish I could be like Tyra who said "you can kiss my fat black @$$" whoa, watch it Tyra. (Come on, I'd never say that!)
But I go back and forth between that and wanting to have my Mary Kate come out and--well you can imagine.
Either way (I'm a little sad to admit) guess what I'm eating for lunch today.
She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie.....

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Ben & Melissa said...

Thanks for the shout out. :-) And yes, I miss Cane's like crazy around here. Good thing there is a Sonic right down the street to fulfill my fast food addiction!