Monday, October 16, 2006

You've GOT to be kidding me!

So, I'm watching the Today Show this morning, and was reminded of the reason I don't have cable.
Meredith (the host) had the "What not to wear" ladies from across the pond on for an interview and they were making over a stay-at-home mom. They show the before picture of this tired looking woman, hair in a pony tail, bag slung over one shoulder, cargos, and a t-shirt on and I'm already thinking to myself--"yep! That's about right." Then they go on and on with their snobby british accents about "looking sleek" and "just because you stay at home doesn't mean you have to dress down."...
pardon me...but yes it does.
I don't know about you out there, but speaking from experience there is something fundamentally wrong with their thinking. When you stay at home with a baby, you go places like the park, and the grocery, and the post office--not brunch, or the boutique or rodeo drive. And not to mention that all my stay-at-home mommy friends truck around in the same gear, old navy t-shirts and jeans, so I'd be the only one toting a prada diaper bag and high heels? I don't think so.
Top it all off with the fact that you're awake at 6:00 in the morning and you're toting around a little puking pooping drooling machine and you have plenty of very good reasons to "dress down". Excuse me for saying so (and all you reading who don't have children and say things like "I'll never do that" prepare to eat your words) but when I finally get halfway down the block in my car after trying desperately to leave the house for an hour and happen to glance in the mirror and see a huge patch of spit up on my shoulder--and I try desperately to blot it out with something that probably already has spit up on it from yesterday only to be satisfied with a semi-visible white spot on my t-shirt and the faint smell of puke--I don't also want to have to be thinking about the fact that I paid $80 for the thing that has just been christened by my little monster. And don't worry--because it all happens again in about 45 minutes when he's sitting on my lap and decides to "let it all go" thus rendering all my effort to look normal useless because I now have a giant spot of urine on my right leg.
If you have never experienced this--you probably will, and it's perfectly normal. As much as people say they don't want this to be their reality and they still want to dress cute after babies, resign to the fact that you can let some things go..and dress nice again when they can control their bladders.
So when I see the shiny new mommy come out to the camera "post-makeover" with her beautiful trench coat, and charcoal gray dress slacks, I'm snickering to myself thinking "yeah, that'll last." Don't get me wrong, I love staying at home with the snugger, getting to see all his little smiles, and giggles, and reading books to him as he drools down my sleeve--but let's face it--it's not a profession without it's price.
And call me crazy--but dressing down sounds like a perfect idea.

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This is such a great picture! I love your postings.