Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm thankful for you!

Is anyone else so ready for the day long indulgence that is Thanksgiving? Truly an American holiday--the entire day is centered around eating. Which I don't really have a problem with.
As for the Schmittys--we'll be waking up (probably around 7:00 thanks to our little turkey) and eating pumpkin pancakes, moving on to watch the parade in front of the tele for 3 hours and then capping that off with a fat old meal consisting of more than one kind of pie.
It's a good thing turkeys are pretty ugly, because if I thought about it for too long I might actually feel a little guilty for an holiday that revolves around the idea of eating is a bit carnivorous.
Finally, as far as the guilt of eating an animal--I must admit that the mayor from the movie Chicken Little does make me feel a little sad. But come on, give anything a hat and the voice of Don Knotts and who wouldn't love it.
Turkey dreams to all!
(Note: Thanks go out to the little kid that made this hand turkey that I found on the internet--he apparently is thankful for computers)

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susan said...

We missed you not being here this year. Even though I didn't cook the dinner from scratch this year, the time just flew by. I think we had the parade on TV [unless there was a football game on at the same time which Dad & Neil would have been watching] I don't think I saw a single minute of the parade. It was cold. Too cold to go in the pool even though we had heated it. The pumpkin pie from BAiley's was really very good.