Friday, November 24, 2006

It's time for some jolly by golly.

I don't know about all of you out there in blogville--but the second my head hits the pillow on November 23rd (actually about a week before that if I'm being totally honest) I'll begin thinking about the jolliest of jollies, beause without fail--the day after Thanksgiving-- up go the lights, the ornaments and all the Christmas spelndor.
I love Christmas. I know it's cliche and traditional--so what, I'm not unique--but I get so excited just thinking about all the Christmastravaganza (it's now a word) that takes place every year. I love the crowded malls (or at least the idea of them) I love the holiday traveling, the tangled Christmas lights and the obligatory Christmas cards (we're sending out 101 this year---I know I'm insane).
Everyone goes on and on about the commercialism--the mandatory presents--the way we've ruined the season.
Maybe so, as American consumers we tend to do that--but think about a whole season centered on giving (even if it is unecessary stuff) because we've been given a little baby king to save the world. It's a holiday that not only is about a baby--one of my new favorite things...but about a baby that saved the world.....WOW.
Bring on the jolly!


Anonymous said...

i love this picture!

susan said...

You know,we all learned that Christmas can be celebrated on other days besides Dec 25. So tonight i feel like i'm celebrating Christmas all over again by reading your blog.